Getting Around

There is a lot of transportation available in this island from self-drive cars, taxis and hotel courtesy cars. Many taxis do not have meter account so you may to negotiate the price before having abroad. Local transportation which is called ‘Bemo’ is a unique form of transport. Please ask the price/fare before join the Bemo to get your destination. A lot of Motorcycles can also be hired in many places and ensure you have to check the complete papers of the motorbike and insurance cover of the motorbike. On the way driving the motorbike, you must use the helmet to secure you head of accident otherwise the police will stop your way immediately. Some of motorbikes are manually gear and rest of them automatically. Please do practice before starting to drive it. Traveling a round Bali are very easy to located the destination, due to Bali is a small island and not much road should be remember and if you having loss the way, the Balinese will very happy to show you the way on every your request. Stop you car or motorbike and say to them with a short language or just simple to say the destination name. Please don’t forget to bring the Bali Map to guide your travel in this island.