Kemenuh Village

Kemenuh village is located in Sukawati District  , Gianyar regency. Kemenuh village is just 10 minutes from Ubud, the village holds potential for tourism, especially the beautiful natural scenery breathtaking. In this village there is a path made ​​tracking down the field, in addition to an unspoiled village atmosphere adds to the appeal of this village.

On the edge of this Petanu village  clear flowing river water and endless. Along the way there are many art village shop which sells various shaped wooden sculptures of animals such as birds, cats, chickens, giraffes and others that are very similar to the original. Many tourists who come here to see and buy the crafts village.

Kemenuh Tourism Village was once a central hub in Bali handicraft sculpture (the 70′s). With tourism growing at this time in 2011 the village decides to be one of Cultural Tourism Village in Bali.

Facilities located around the village Kemenuh include: restaurants, hotels and villas.

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